Error en los dois

Hola. Hace 4 horas que no puedo ingresar nuevos dois. No me llegan las notificaciones por correo y no se activan los dois en el portal de la revista. Dan error. ¿Hay algún problema con la plataforma?

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Sorry to hear about the problems you had registering your DOIs. We had a problem with our submission queue at the end of the week, but it’s now solved and any DOIs that were submitted during that time should now be registered (see Crossref Status - Possible problem with Crossref content submission - now solved).

Can you let us know if your DOIs have been successfully registered now? If there is still a problem, we can investigate further.

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Gracias Amanda

Ya he podido registrar los dois


Thanks for confirming - it sounds as though your unregistered DOIs were caused by the incident we had last week in that case.

In future, you can check at any time to see if we are having any problems with the submission queue. But hopefully this won’t happen again for you and it will be more straighforward next time!

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