DOIs for encyclopedia entries

Hi, I’m looking for guidance on registering DOIs for individual entries in an online encyclopedia. I see that reference works are a supported content type (Introduction to content types - Crossref) but I have not been able to locate any documentation or guidance specific to reference works. The markup examples and other guidance I have found are specific to books and book chapters and I’m not sure how these would be applied to the case of encyclopedia entries.

Hi Maria,

For the purposes of content registration, reference works are treated as a type of book and reference entries are basically treated as a type of book chapter.

So, if you take a look at this example book deposit, there are two places where it would need to be modified to apply to an entry in a reference work, rather than a chapter in an edited volume.

The “book_type” attribute in the <book> tag would need to be changed from “edited_book” to “reference”

<book book_type="edited_book">

<book book_type="reference">

And the “component_type” attribute in the <content_item> tag would need to be changed from “chapter” to “reference_entry”.

<content_item component_type="chapter" publication_type="full_text">


<content_item component_type=“reference_entry” publication_type=“full_text”>

Otherwise, everything else about the documentation we have available for books applies to reference works.

The only other really notable thing about registering reference works is that there are volume discounts for the registration fees that apply if there are more than 250 entries registered for a single reference work in a given quarter.